Coping with Father’s Day


Coping with Father’s Day can be exceptionally challenging for anyone who has lost their dad, whether that be recently or if some time has passed. It can seem like nobody understands the way you feel or appreciate the longing for your father that becomes especially painful on special occasions like Father’s Day.


There’s three things you should try to do during this vulnerable time:

  • Put yourself first
  • Simple act of memorial
  • Support


It’s perfectly normal to pretend like everything’s okay and you’re not experiencing these emotions, but we all know from the outside perspective that isn’t always the healthiest way to cope. The best thing to do is to allow yourself to be as earnest as you feel. A simple candle lighting, flicking through your old photos or engaging in an activity you used to share with your father to honour them that way can be extremely relieving and satisfying for your mind.


It is extremely important to talk about the way you feel with your loved ones. Your family and friends can offer support for you at this time and if not – we’re here for you. Coping with Father’s Day can be challenging, but you can do this.


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